Online Mixing

The online mixing service gives you the opportunity to have your tracks mixed by a professional mix engineer to a radio ready standard, in a cost effective and quick manner.

Simply use the application form to get in touch, detailing how many tracks you have and your time scale, and I will get in contact confirming the job.

Please provide any additional information as to the musical direction for the song. For example, any effects you like, whether or not it should have a fade out or a reference to a commercially available song. A monitor mix/rough mix of the song will help in this process.

Please read our terms and conditions before contacting.

What you get:

You will be sent a high quality mp3 of the mix in order to check it and suggest any revisions you want made. You will be able to have 2 mix revisions, so please ensure you listen carefully and make a note of all the changes you want.

Once the mix is finalised, I will send you a full quality, 24bit stereo WAV’s, including instrumental, TV, acapella, vocal up and vocal down versions. These files will not be mastered and should go to a mastering house upon completion.

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